Rooty The Cowboy. Outlaw Mixologist.

This is a truly unique experience that sees Rooty, the Outlaw Mixologist, make your cocktails and libations while providing comedy, music and general mischief.

Rooty’s first priority:

always to ensure everyone has a fun and attractive drink in their hands, but also has endless games up his sleeve to amuse you and your guests, will serenade individuals at will, and is even known to hand out memorable gifts!

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You can also talk to me about a bespoke package
These are some estimated costs of what I’m able to work with you on:
For a promotional video with social media in mind
For a song dedication
Producing personalised songs (with video) for individual use, priced at £99.50 as standard. This is very competitive as, typically, similar products start in the region of £130 with audio only.